The ELASTIC MOTOR SUPPORTS are mainly used to automatically recover the streches of the belts and to hinder the static torques during the stating of the engines. The MOTOR SUPPORTS take advantage of the same technologie of the TENSIONERS and ELASTIC ELEMENTS to develop a torque moment that keeps always the belts in tension. The ELSITEC MOTOR SUPPORTS can be applied at the engines in the field included between 0.75 kW and 110 kW.

In the belt transmission the torque of the engine is propagated only by the friction, created between the driving pulley and the same belts. It is more important, for this reason, that on the belts there is still present a tension that allows to keep an enough friction force in order to avoid the sliding on the pulley. These slidings can cause both an irregular transmission of the torque and a sudden wear of the belts and pulleys. The automatic MOTOR SUPPORTS allow therefore to keep a constant tension on the belts, avoiding manual adjustments with the relative economic expenditure both for the operator intervention and for the machine stops. The ELASTIC MOTOR SUPPORTS are largely used in the motorization of the screens, crushers and stirrers, in which the operation of an eccentric, for the handling of the vibrating box, causes more vibrations and continuous changes of the distance between the centres between the driving pulley and driven one. It is for this reason inevitable the use of an ELASTCI MOTOR SUPPORT that allows to absorb the vibrations and to keep always constant the tension of the belts.

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